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E.F. "Dinty" Mohr was one of the founding members of Lawndale, California Masonic Lodge #753.  He created a very generous trust for his lodge to build philanthropic endeavors and at his passing in 1975, his legacy was managed by a board of directors made up of fellow Brother masons who created the E.F. "Dinty" Mohr Scholarship for college students.  To date, the trust has awarded $500,000 to local college scholars.  Astonishingly, this large amount has awarded by ONE local lodge- an amazing feat.

The parameters of scholarship eligibility are: being a local high school Senior with a 3.0 GPA, scholastic excellence within that year's applicants, and entering the scholarship before April 1st of their Senior year.  Once awarded, the continuing college student must maintain their 3.0 status AND reapply each continuous year.  It is only a 4 year scholarship and does not go beyond college graduation into graduate school.  Existing college students cannot enter the scholarship program, as it is a 4 year program beginning before their college career.

Beach Cities Masonic Lodge #753 was created by a merger of the Unity Lodge in 2001.  Unity lodge was a result of a merger of Hawthorne #647 and Lawndale #753 in 1994.

E.F. "Dinty" Mohr

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