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Worshipful Master: Gary Sturm

Worshipful Master, Gary Sturm is a Past Master of El Segundo Lodge No. 421.  Gary has been a part of the Beach Cities Family for over three years now and immediately volunteered to help the lodge officers upon affiliating.  He is a valued member of the line both in his experience and his compassion and dedication to the lodge and its members.

Gary has volunteered to be a Lodge Ambassador to the Masonic Homes and Masonic Services Bureau.  He also serves as Secretary for El Segundo Lodge, as well as serving as an officers coach.

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Senior Warden: Joseph Ungoco

Senior Warden, Joseph Ungoco returned to his native Southern California in 2014 and knocked on the door of Beach Cities Lodge in early 2015. He was initiated in April, passed in July, raised in November, and joined the Officer Line as Chaplain in 2016.  Masonry skipped a generation - and a country - in his family, from his grandfathers' in the Philippines to his in California. He is the first of his generation of Filipino-Americans to return to the fraternity.    


Brother Ungoco is also a 32 degree Scottish Rite Mason in the Valley of Pasadena.  He is active in the Bellflower York Rite Bodies, serving this year as Generalissimo in Goldenwest Commandery No. 43 Knights Templar, Principal Conductor of the Work in Shekinah Council No. 35 Cryptic Masons and Scribe in Triple Tau Chapter No. 33 Royal Arch Masons.


Brother Ungoco resides in Manhattan Beach and plays an active role in the community, serving as the Area Coordinator for Neighborhood Watch in El Porto.  He has served on the Boards of Directors of numerous community organizations, including the MB Residents Association, the MB Conservancy, Friends of Polliwog Park and Leadership Manhattan Beach.  An avid gardener, frustrated by the lack of green space in El Porto, he currently volunteers with the MB Botanical Garden. 

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Junior Warden: John Riblett

Junior Warden, John Riblett, has been a Mason and a member of Beach Cities Lodge #753 since 2003 (Initiated 05/15/03, Passed 10/30/03, and Raised 12/18/03).

John has held multiple offices in Lodge, moving up through the chairs to become the Worshipful Master in 2009.  He has also held the position of Tiler and Chaplain as well as being on our Investment Board of Trustees.  As an ardent ritual enthusiast it is no surprise that he has been our Officers Coach for many years now.


Our 2020 Officers

From rear left: Carl Morandell Mario Chiappe, PM, Lynng Taylor, Avo Tuna, Steven Wojtak Ayk Agopyan, Ted Wells.

From front left: Michael Shematek PM, Joseph Ungoco, Gary Sturm PM, John Riblett, PM, Gabriel Agopyan, Don Olson.